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Nov 10, 2021


Visiting the tropical paradise of Bali will not be complete without a taste of its rich nightlife. Check out this list we have provided for you and enjoy Bali's parties for a one of a kind experience.

Be enchanted at the La favela Seminyak

La Favela Seminyak

With Bali island’s exciting nightlife, you surely cannot afford to miss its featured spots for it. Modeled to look like a Brazilian shanty favela, the interior comes fitted with semi-indoor gardens, artificial waterfalls and ponds, alfresco tables and chairs, and many more, captivating all who dare venture into its enchanted depths.

With La Favela, the drinks are a tad pricey, but what you’re truly paying for is the atmosphere. Be sure not to leave too early because once the tables are shifted and the DJ deck is brought out, that’s when the real party begins.

Attend the hipster party at the Red Ruby

Red Ruby

One of the most happening clubs in Bali, Red Ruby, is in the heart of Seminyak. The club depicts New York’s Disco scene of the ‘70s & ‘80s in its interiors and lures party mongers with its broad spectrum of electronic music and cheap drinks. Their outdoor area called “The Terrace” serves an exotic collection of cocktails. Now, if you’re up for a party, make sure you won’t miss Red Ruby.

It is paying homage to the era that started it all. Musically, however, the club draws Influence from the underground avant-garde clubs of Berlin, Ibiza, Barcelona & Amsterdam, showcasing the most cutting-edge music being enjoyed in the famous party scenes right now. Perhaps though, the club has a distinct spirit and vibe of Bali that is unique worldwide. Merging disco glam decor with the forefront of the underground and topping it off with that Bali spirit in a nutshell, the essence of Red Ruby.

Prepare for an all nighter at the Opera

Opera – The Party Theatre

Party ALL NIGHT LONG at this club designed for nocturnal party lovers. Come prepared to party hard, harder than how you do it on other venues. Opera promises evenings of nonstop unique live DJ sets, drinks, and entertainment till dawn breaks. A VIP deck on the first floor offers its guests a more lush and posh party experience. They also offer a buy-1-get-2 promo during their happy hour from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Treat yourself to an authentic Bali Beach Club experience at the Potato Head Beach Club

Potato Head Beach Club

With its Bali-inspired aesthetics and endless amounts of delicious food & cocktails, Potato Head Beach Club is top of the list for most Bali visitors. Get there nice and early so you can avoid the afternoon queues and bag yourself the best seat in the house for a day of luxe lounging before the sunset show kicks in.

They offer a hand-drawn cocktail list, grazing nibbles, and smooth tunes curated by a top list of local and international DJs, not to mention the sustainable, zero-waste initiatives in place across the entire grounds of Desa Potato Head. There is no entrance fee for Potato Head Beach Club Bali, BUT if you want a cabana or a daybed, there is a minimum spend, depending on whether you want a poolside bed or beachfront cabana.

The beachfront cabanas are on a slightly lower level, easy to access the pool, but a bit more of a walk, plus it was more expensive, and they have a time limit of 6 hours. There isn’t a dress code required, although people seem to make a bit of an effort. During the day, it’s all lovely bikinis and flowing beach cover-ups. By 5 pm, people come in for sunset cocktails.

Tropicana and chill at the Ku De Ta

Ku De Ta

As the seasons change and the years roll by, the elements behind the success and growth of KU DE TA remain unchanged as Bali’s most famous oceanfront drinking and dining venue. KU DE TA has fostered inimitable fine-dining any time of the day or night. With its discreetly attentive service, cutting-edge design, and architecture, and roster of big-name international performers -that consider the place a tropical home-from-home that maintains the vibe and -popularity of one Bali’s most revered lifestyle icons.

Crowds flock to this venue to watch the golden sun dip down into the Indian Ocean at the day’s end while sipping drinks, people watching and looking (or trying to look) cool. Never fear, kids are always welcome here, and there is always plenty of them, looking tanned and super cute, splashing in the pool, twirling and dancing to the funky DJ tunes, or just running around and having fun on the large grassy lawn area.

There is pizza, sushi, bread and dips, and other nibbles for the family to share, or there is a fantastic healthy kid’s lunch menu too. Keep an eye out for extra special fun-filled family events held at Easter and Christmas.

Party like a Mexican at the Mexicola

Motel Mexicola

Seminyak’s Motel Mexicola specializes in authentic Mexican cuisine closely based on that cooked in restaurants, served on street corners, and in Mexico’s homes. With an emphasis on Mexican Tapas, the menu is designed to share. Many guests ask the staff to order for them to experience the menu the way it is meant to be ordered and take a journey through the different flavors of Mexico.

They have white Rum, Dark Rum, Triple Sec, Orgeat, Lime Strong tropical cocktail heavy on the rum for the drinks. Well balanced with almond and citrus. Motel Mexicola’s twist on a Mai Tai, this classic drink was said to have been created in 1944 by Victor J Bergeron and has featured in the poplar Tiki bars of the 50’s and 60’s. Meanwhile, mocktails are also available for non-alcoholic drinkers.

Cap the night with the chick experience at the Bar 68

Bar 68 At Ize Hotel

For a chic bar that is attached to a posh IZE hotel, Bar 68 gives you a genuinely relaxing nightlife experience. Expect to have a great time with excellent cocktail selections and beers, plus the fantastic live music to complete the chill vibe you need to cap the night. You’ll never go wrong with your choices, as their friendly staff is always right there to guide you.

A pool table and an upstairs table are available should you need a more intimate experience. They also offer cigars for you to enjoy. What makes this place more interesting is that they allow their guests to even bring booze in the house without corkage.

Tuck yourself away from the day and hide at The Baker's Social

The Baker'S Social

If you prefer your night to be a little more intimate and more exciting, speakeasy bars are the best option for you to check out. While there are many speakeasy bars, The Baker’s Social was famous as one of the best speakeasy bars available. This was Bali’s first speakeasy bar. You can see no signage of it, but you can find it right above the Tiffin Indian restaurant. Just walk through the narrow staircase located beside it, and voila, you have arrived at Bali’s first legitimate hidden bar.

Menus aren’t available for guests, but experienced mixologists are ready to concoct any drink according to your mood for the night. Describe your personal preference and watch them perform their magic.

Over the top at the rooftop, at the Double Six Sunset bar

Double-Six Rooftop Sunset Bar

Located on the top floor of the five-star Double Six Hotel, make your date night a memorable one with sundowners at the Double Six Rooftop Sunset Bar. It’s a super-smart space, no more stylish than in its elegant, chic rooftop bar, with its stunning views of one of Bail’s most beautiful beaches.

Enjoy locally inspired cocktails include the Pak Sirsak Margarita, a potent blend of Tequila, Cointreau, house-made Sirsak Sorbet, and fresh lime. And the Double Six Sling, a refreshing medley of gin and fresh pineapple mixed with sugarcane juice, Massenez De Griotte, fresh lime, and Dom Benedictine, finished with a splash of Cointreau and Cherry Foam.

There’s a good range of wines and fizzes to choose from as well, while the food menu includes a range of tasty things: delectable satay grills—including a wagyu beef option—suckling pig sliders and rice paper rolls. But, tempting as all that is, it’s the glorious views which will linger longest in the memory—they really are quite something.

Sip and Burp at the Los Gringos

Los Gringos

For a more mexican vibe, this bar in Seminyak serves up enough tequila for the whole of Bali. A new spot on the radar but people are definitely packing in, even on the tables for a dirty dance.

Aside from it being a nightlife spot, Los gringos is a great place to find in seminyak for an awesome lunch at a good price, with a very awesome looking sportsbar feel inside.

And here's something interesting, they offer an eat-all-you-can promo between 5pm until 9pm daily!

Be a celebrity at the Red Carpet Champagne bar

Red Carpet Champagne Bar

What’s more glam than walking through the red carpet?

Selling premium international drinks and doling out fun by the iced bucket-load, Red Carpet Champagne Bar is a favorite hangout for visitors and locals alike. Once you’ve swaggered down the literal red carpet into the lively entrance, you’ll be met by a crowd of female staff dressed in cute red and white busboy-style outfits.

For those looking to spend a little less on their night out, Red Carpet Champagne Bar also offers an impressive range of spirits and cocktails, all devised to be enjoyed either before or after dinner or to get the party started (shots). The bar’s interior is sleek, black, and sultry. Still, the atmosphere is definitely one of frivolity, with Red Carpet Champagne Bar holding regular parties, music quizzes, and food tasting events to complement their range of champagnes.

The weekly Ladies’ Night allows female customers the chance to enjoy reduced price drinks dependent on the height of their heels, while the range of premium cigars offers a more masculine respite from the buzz of Seminyak’s lively strip.

Go back at the gatsby era at the Sling Bar

Sling Bar

Experience rock’ n roll with Seminyak’s Sling Bar at the Plantation Grill. As one pioneer on speakeasy bars in Bali, it has that elusively hidden vibe, but once you’re there, it’s all about the glam and glitz reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties. The Charleston-era concept is enchantingly thorough. It even has a sultry 1920s-style powder room—all the staff don dapper outfits fitting the whole theme and offer top-notch service and hospitality.

With an atmosphere unlike others and an unrivaled cocktail selection, Sling Bar is where you should take your time and not rush it. Make a night out of it by booking a lavish dinner reservation at The Plantation Grill first. Have pre-dinner drinks at the restaurant’s Billiard Room—a lounge bar next to the main dining area.

Sip by day, Spin at Night at the Woobar Bali

Woobar Bali

Woobar is a stylish beach club overlooking Seminyak Beach, promising an extensive selection of creative cocktails and light bites. Like the rest of its hosting hotel, Woobar will first catch your attention with its unique and bold design.

By day, the Woobar deck is perfect for those looking to bask in the sun over potent and refreshing tipples and curated chill-out music. Also alluring are the daybeds on the Woobar rooftop and the nearby WET pool deck, making great vantage points to enjoy Bali’s magnificent sunset hours. Revel in a revolving rotation of hot international DJs spinning the latest beats at one of Bali’s most vibrant and upbeat Seminyak night clubs destinations.

Whether it’s a poolside cocktail, a beachfront bite, or a late-night Shisha session, there’s something for everyone. Sip by day, spin by night. Introducing light, refreshing daytime cocktails and transition to more sultry flavors to kick start your night after the sun goes down. Surround yourself with our eclectic shisha menu and take your pick from a vast selection of flavors.

Get mixed up and party with pride at Mixwell


Voted as “Bali’s Best gay Bar,” Mixwell is known for its fierce and friendly drag shows that are performed nightly to a crowd of locals and tourists. The bar is a significant hub of the gay community and is one of the island’s most established LGBT+ venues, drawing in a diverse mix of travelers and locals.

Most gay travelers will end up at Mixwell during their trip, and the bar is perhaps best known for its great nightly drag performances and cabaret. The wait staff here are notoriously fun, and they do their best to entertain in between shows. It gives you that energetic mood that flows through the night. The best time to swing by is between 11 pm, and 2 am. The bar closes at 3 am.

End the night with a sophisticated vibe at the Pontiac Stardust

The Pontiac Stardust

Set to make waves within Bali’s sophisticated Seminyak nightlife enclave, The Pontiac Stardust brings to Bali the hallmark energetic style of bartending that has proven immensely popular for its Hong Kong sister venue, The Pontiac. Guests can choose between indoor seating at the bar or at comfortable lounge seating or outdoors on the open-air terrace section.

The adjoining sister venue, Flat Stanley, offers relaxed dining options with its flatbread pizzas and grill dishes. A shared DJ booth between the interconnected venues ensures an upbeat party vibe until late into the night.

Like a cosmic road trip through 1950s/60s Palm Springs, this place is all about art and energy. The bar food is stunning, and it’s inspired by food truck fare from California, Miami, Seattle and New York.

All for Bourbon and Boogie at 40 Thieves

40 Thieves

Known as one of the most fantastic speakeasy bars, 40 Thieves keeps its regulars coming back time and time again with two-for-one cocktails every Friday and Saturday night, in line with its Boogie and Bourbon Friday party and Sabbath Saturdays. And to keep things fresh, the selection of happy hour cocktails changes weekly. This bar is a New York-style speakeasy bar focusing on craft cocktails & artisanal spirits accompanied by genuine flamboyant hospitality to provide you an authentic cocktail experience in Bali.

Located on the second floor of Mad Ronin, this convenient space is a perfect spot to sip upon a cold refreshing drink after a pleasant ramen-fueled dinner. The only problem that you’ll have is that as 40 Thieves fills up and when the music starts to build, this is a damn hard place to leave.

Be chic and start the weekend at Rebenga Lounge

Rebenga Lounge

When you think of yummy South American eats, uninhibited salsa dancing, and specialty cocktails, you will need to check out the Rebenga Lounge. Described as a “nightlife destination for the elite,” Rebenga Lounge & Kitchen is Bali’s latest late-night venue that’s given the island’s partying glitterati precisely what they’ve always wanted: a prominent South American style dinner spot that comes alive post-feast with great music, craft cocktails, bottle services, and VIP sofa reservations.

The menu’s flavor is all about top-quality traditional staples, like Frijoles Negros with an Avocado purèe; tuna & minced lobster taquitos; and gourmet tacos with Calamari deep-fried to a crisp. All of this is best paired with one of Rebenga’s sublime libations, like the Cartel Bees Knees with Bombay Sapphire, elderflower, agave, lime, and a white egg froth.

Before you head to this chic bar, remember that they have a dress code, so you’ll need to trade your thongs and boardshorts for a shirt and shoes.

Steak and Ball as you chill at the Rumours


Rumors is built with its incredible atmosphere, a very inviting restaurant that serves fantastic food, with international flavors. The delicious steak is one of the restaurants’ specialties, served with vegetables and many choices for side dishes and sauces.

A pool table welcomes all pros and plays-and-chills guests as they wait for their food to arrive.

The restaurant has a huge bar for guests to enjoy their after-dinner drinks right in the center. They also have resident DJ’s playing energetic and funky tunes daily while the place is packed with both tourists and the local expatriate crowd.

Enjoy live Latin music with a glass of fine champagne at "The Late".

The Late (Formerly Red Carpet)

On the main pedestrian street in Seminyak, you will find The Late (formerly Red Carpet). It is a champagne bar where the famous Moët champagne is served in a cozy and calm ambiance. If you feel like chilling out on an afternoon before heading out for dinner, you can relax at this bar and have a glass of champagne to cool down your senses.

The late is popular especially among Latin lovers as they offer live Latin music played by known local and international artists. They also have weekly events that bring the community to enjoy together and have fun. They offer the "Jukebox Bingo” that gives a bottle of champagne as a prize, and everyone gets a shot. They also this fun activity named “You are the DJ” where you will decide the songs that the band will play in the evening for everyone.

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