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Mar 25, 2021


If you're looking for the best area to really go wild in the city of SF, Polk Street should be the first on your list. The collection of bars here are incredibly diverse and the proximity between them makes it easy to hit every single bar just by walking up the street.

Start with some retro pregame


Jackalope is by and far the best way to start off a Polk Street barhop. Its location at the beginning of the street allows you to hit every single bar on your way up.

They have some retro games in the upstairs area in the back and Plinko for a creative pre-game.

Warm up your dance moves


Vertigo doesn't stand out as much compared to the other dance bars on the street, but it's free entry and has got plenty of space. Beware! It's cash only.

Check out the seasonal bar

Deck the Halls

If you couldn't tell from the name "Deck the Halls", this is a seasonal bar. Even when out of season, they do pop-up bars that are worth checking out for selfies.

Lounge before the you get crazy

Lush Lounge

The bar before the storm. You'll appreciate stopping by here before going to McTeague's or Mayes for the craziness. Load up on drinks here before you hit the dance bars.

Clubbing time

Vertigo is great for some small time dancing. If you really want to get down with a crowd, there's three options. Depending on what kind of night time party-goer you are, one of these clubs will be perfect for your barhopping itinerary.

Enter the Mayes


Mayes is 1 of the 3 main dance bars on Polk. They don't always give out stamps, but it's because this bar gets packed. Despite how crowded it gets, it's hard to have a bad time here. Expect to pay a cover of $10 unless you got a stamp before 10pm.

Get ratchet at McTeague's

McTeague’s Saloon & Mayes

Dance bar #2, McTeague's saloon is the poor man's Mayes (and Playland). Regardless, it's usually free entry if you get a stamp before 10pm. Break out your dance moves at the disco floor near the back, but watch out for the smell.

More Playtime at Polk


Dance bar #3, Playland bar features dancing on the 2nd floor of the building. There's a cover to get in, but beware the line. Even after paying, you can stlil be stuck in line till they let you upstairs.

Check in with Bobs

Bob's Donuts

Bob's donuts is the holy donut of donuts, especially after all the liquor you've been drinking you filthy animal. But it's not just good drunk food, it's good drunk food. The warm donuts here will fill you with life, and they come in impossible size too.

Time to get Kinky

Kozy Kar

Kozy kar, kozy kar. What a weird bar you are. We say that because they play porn. Also, their tables are pretty weird. It's a bucketlist bar item if you haven't been here before.

Sing your heart out


A public karaoke lounge located right next to a strip of bars - what could be more perfect? Get your mic checked here and sing a few drunken songs like the train wreck you are.

Play some video games

Soda Popinski

Equipped with some N64 games in the back, Soda Popinski is a great place to stop by to play some games. They also have a "spin the wheel" drink you can get. It's not always worth it, but it is fun.

Notable mentions

These are bars that can't be reached in a linear fashion. Getting to these bars might mean doing a little bit of walking, or they may not fit the divey nature of this itinerary, but they're worth noting in case you want to add some variety to this itinerary.

End of the line

Harper and Rye

You can discover this bar at the east finish of Polk Street. It's an incredible spot to meet companions for drinks, as they have a couple of seats/bar stools and a pool table region as well.

They incorporate a spectacular choice of beverages, offering 20 juices on tap, trips of 6 x 4oz glasses alongside some extraordinary mixed drinks.

Wreck it

Wreck room

This bar is located a few blocks away from Polk Street, but it's a very popular games bar especially on sports days. On the off chance that there's no serious activity on the TV, you have darts, shuffleboard, and pool available for your entertainment. To the extent food goes, there isn't any but they allow outside food. Swing by the Trader Joe's in transit and enjoy the games at the Wreck Room.

Have a cider


It's an obscurely lit bar/easygoing bar with an enormous choice of craftsman juices and some decent 'bar food' alternatives, for example, sliders, level breads and sides. It's a good stop if you're looking to get away from the divey Polk Street scene.

The staff are extraordinary and the cider selection is far reaching. Bread pudding with whiskey cream is a popular option on the chance that you go here.

That's all folks!

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