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Mar 03, 2021


This daytinerary will take you through a short hike in Lands End and San Francisco's coastal viewpoints, which includes a picturesque beach and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Important Tips

For this itinerary, it is recommended to have a car to drive from place to place. Parking is free for most (if not all) of the stops on this day of the itinerary.

Since a beach stop is also included here, having a car will let you get soaked without having to walk around in the cold. A car will be very instrumental in getting the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge without being limited by public transportation.

Witness the beautiful sunset at Sutro Baths

Sutro Baths

The Sutro Baths in its heyday was a large indoor saltwater swimming pool complex. What was once a glamorous display of early century entertainment is now, after a fire in the 60s, ruins overlooking the Pacific Ocean. What would seem like a part of the ocean is actually the former pool. This area is free to explore to your heart's content.

Check out Lands Labrynth

Lands Labrynth

The rocky coast surrounding Land's End give it an exciting scenery with crashing waves and dramatic landscapes. Walk along the coast from the Sutro Baths and you'll find the Land's End Labyrinth perched on cliff. Created by Eduardo Aguilera in 2004, the stone labyrinth offers a great viewpoint of the entire Golden Gate Bridge. If you feel like it, the labyrinth is easy to walk and human-sized, so feel free to try it out when you're not taking pictures of the bridge.

Enjoy the view at Lands End Eagles Point

Lands End Eagles Point

Further up the coast from the Labyrinth and you'll end up at Eagle's Point. Just like the previous spot, Eagle's Point features a stunning vantage point of the Golden Gate Bridge. However, given its location by the trail, it's built on more stable ground and even has seats facing the bay.

Enjoy the sea breeze at Baker's Beach

Baker's Beach

Following the El Camino Del Mar, the street right beside Eagle's Point, will lead you to the Presidio, and eventually after a 35 minute walk (or 10 minute drive) you'll reach Baker's Beach.

Baker's Beach is our favorite beach in the entire city. It offers spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge and is an amazing spot to catch the sunset.

If you're not a fan of graphic images, then it might be best to steer clear of the northern half which is considered a nude beach, though if you don't mind that, you can brave the nudity to enjoy a stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Take a selfie at Golden Gate Overlook

Golden Gate Overlook

It is extremely helpfult to have a car for the last parts of this itinerary.

Driving up the Lincoln Boulevard from the beach will lead you to an unassuming collection of old structures. Here, you'll find the Golden Gate Overlook. Part of a series of old wartime batteries and battlements, the overlook is less crowded than other vantage points but still offers a uniquely impressive view as it lets you look down the entire length of the bridge. The site doubles as a historical marvel as you can explore the ruins of the former military outpost.

Enjoy the scenic view at Secret Spot Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge center

Chances are, if you look up pictures of Golden Gate Bridge, you'll see pictures like this one. To get a view like that, you'll have to cross the bridge towards Sausalito and make an exit for the visitor center. This will lead you down a trail ending at a place called Battery Spencer. It's here where you can find the iconic Wikipedia-worthy view of the Golden Gate Bridge. IF you time it right, you'll get to see the bridge light up as the sun sets, giving you a majestic display of oranges and purples - the perfect way to end the day.

Catch an up close view of the Golden Gate Bridge at night

Golden Gate Bridge Secret Spot

Down a little further from the Golden Gate Bridge center is a parking lot right next to the ocean. It gets a little chilly, but it's a romantic spot to stop and look at the bridge at night.


Spend an afternoon at Crissy Fields

Chrissy Field

Crissy Field is another great spot to spend the afternoon. It's normally not crowded, but there are several things to here such as:

  • Picnic

  • Indoor activities (climbing gym, trampoline park, etc)

  • Beach

  • Hiking along the edge to a Golden Gate viewpoint

That's all folks!

You've reached the end of this post. We hope you enjoyed this itinerary. Cheers!